my fall lyrics – makers

a selfish person stands in the room
and that is all i will ever be
my trust at hand is buried deep
in your body my soul is yours to keep
my fall is yours to keep

we all see you
standing next to me
i know you’re a liar
your one way mind
i couldn’t see
you’re pulling and pushing

pulling and pushing me

where have you gone?
my minds a burning wreck
and its done
i’m moving on…

you all know me
you all know me
so why are all you still pointing?
you all know me
you all know me
you should of trusted me
i need you now

how could i betray her like this?
my life would be nothing without her
these tears come from a b*st*rd child
with all his selfish ways
i come upon this hour
i come upon this hour

i wont go on with out her
don’t take her away from me

don’t take her from me
i need her to go on
pease oh god, oh god

away from me
away from me.

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