my dead cat lyrics – butlers

i brought him home from the pet store that day
he smelled a little but i didn’t care, anyway
put him in my room, next to my bed
he didn’t move at all, kindof like he was dead
after a week, i figured it out:
i knew that he was dead
he didn’t move at all or pur or meow
(meow, meow, meow)
but i loved him all the same, anyhow
then i looked in the box and i found
the care manual:
care and feeding of your new dead cat:
1.) he doesn’t need to eat
2.) he doesn’t need any exercise
3.) keep him in a cool place, preferably the freezer
my mom found him next to the frozen tater tots
she got the knife out from the carving rack
she brought it down (chop) across his neck
when i found out, i was a nervous wreck
my mother…killed…my dead cat, my dead cat.

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