muskogee lyrics – hurriganes

well i´m lookin´ at you mama
give a bit your c*ke
gimme just a little
i´m fit to take a toke
i´m leaving for muskogee
an´ if you wanna go
just tell it to me darlin´
an´ we can just blow
well when you sock it when you walk
an´ when you wanna bowl
give it to me honey
lemme rock it to your soul
meet me early monday
skippin´ off my job
i´ll hang around the grille´
it´s gonna be hot
well when you say believe me
we´re leavin´ in the dark
ain´t nothin´ to yuh baby
meet you at the park
i´ll hear you when you´re comin´
an´ knocking on my door
oh really gotta do it
just like we said before

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