mourning a dying world lyrics – misery chastain

my eyes are numb
my mind is so tired of thinking about the things i’ve
i’ve been looking for somtheing real.
ravaging the gutters of my soul.
my soul!
i refuse to step in line yet these walls seem too tall to
ravaging the gutters of my soul.
my soul!
always being told what to do.
i will not follow the dead.
faces of the fallen.
blank stares and they’re claiming they know the truth.
playing it safe is not the life i live.
i search for something more than just a crutch.
to truly see is to be broken down to nothing.
god have we fallen this far from what is true and real?
take this hardened world and shatter it.
may we feel the pain you feel.
too much time has been wasted on meaningless things.
it’s not about comfort.
it’s about life!
it’s about life!

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