money came lyrics – sir michael rocks

[intro: sir michael rocks]
yeah, on the real man
f*ck a n*gg*, f*ck a b*tch
f*ck anybody that got somethin’ to say about this right here man
i worked too motherf*ckin’ hard all day
six, yeah

[hook x2: sir michael rocks]
money came, money go
p*ssy came, p*ssy go
we don’t chase, we let em go
keep it real, we keep it real

[verse 1: sir michael rocks]
i’m in the mazda, ridin’ like i got els
i dont give a f*ck incase you can not tell
pullin’ up and looking good my n*gg* is second nature
funny thing about your people they gon’ respect or hate ya
where my hoes at? stealin’ sh*t from niemenns
party like a demon, there’s molly water everywhere
i’m gettin’ to the mula, rolling dices on the cement
phillip limb for my bday, got pinky on replay
and gucci on repeat, your watch is all seezy
you n*gg*s so commercial but you cant get on the tv man
whats up with that?
tell em cut the check em, f*ck em back

[hook x2]

[verse 2: sir michael rocks]
its like monday to friday i’m never sober
no hangovers, four range rovers
too much for hoes but three much for n*gg*s
got mud in my soda, blunt full of yoda
i’m workin’, she twerkin’, they thinkin’ we get it legit
and now thats more trip, for more flips
i keep it flippin’ like a monkey come and get me if you want me
girl, i’ma kill the p*ssy til it haunt me like a ghost
i’m a dog *ss n*gg* on this post
from the city where a n*gg*s do the most for lil money
i got some old heads did a drill for me
and i can hang with you n*gg*s and feel funny

[hook x2]

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