mondo generator lyrics – kyuss

who’s gonna take you there?
who’s gonna tell you that?
you’re such a good way back
long way away, away from here

what’s the difference?
what do you do? mondo generator
well, i try to cross the edge
well, who, who can find me there?

i want to find you there
i’m never coming
who was the tragic fool?
what’s wrong with my head?
you try to match it without a hope in h*ll
you’re such a fool
i cannot take you there
what does it take?
every time i knew you
you try to, i can’t hear you there

there’s something there
you try to match it without a hope in h*ll
you f*cking fool
what f*cking difference does it make?
there’s nothing left but what goes up (4x)
i gotta do something or
what will happen there might… f*ck

when you look back you
gotta a long way to go there (there)
what the f*cking h*ll is going on?
i tried more and more
i gotta give
get back, you gotta give

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