moments of truth lyrics – defenestration

no fear of being caught(wasted and blind)
times running out
temptations killing me (out of my mind)
check whos about
l*st boiling through my skin(no second glance)
low down torment
grab hold with all you’ve got(don’t take the chance)
wait for consent

i saw you, standing there
looked right through, dazzled stare
i watch the way, you move
smile softly, i’ll have you

when you come near, i fill with fear
can’t change my mind
you look to me, i hardly see
so unkind
pulling you close, who’s pulling most?
i’d say it’s you
the fear has gone, i carry on
moments of truth
i’m waking up, near you
i’m woken up, by you
i’ve woken up(i’ve woken up)
i can’t believe
that i’ve done this(i can’t believe)

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