missionary man lyrics – conception

i’ve seen the outline of a scheme a vision of tranquility
the world in my profound embrace
i’ve seen conclusions
at the end a mellow hymn
of promises the voice of god requesting me
i provide you shelter from the cold
so gather at my feet
before the missionary man
in the line for complete redemption
i will make you understand
heaven holds a place
for those who pray
i have the faith it takes
to teach the tolerance of the lord
a stage to play upon
and when the cross is in the air
i fold my hands and see
a seat by god reserved for me
i’m a new perspective for the lost
their watchman in the night
and i’m a missionary man
advocate for a brand new order
i will find the promised land
in the souls i cut wide open amen
i’ll make you believe
by the touch of my hand
leave all you know behind
and open your minds
i’m a new dimension
if you would obey

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