milk crates lyrics – ghostface killah

“i’ve got the feeling. i hear the sound”

[ghostface killah]
eh yo, i’m here to toast an mc like my name was grand puba
run up in the large house and – throw out the ruger
some say i’m good – others pray – the want me to fall
battle me – come one, come all – i leave ya jaw hangin’
new york city slinger – stark nitty
i’m straight like a flat chester with some low t*tties
plus my chain hangin’ down to my d*ck
cb hits – grand on the hits – star trek vi
black flicks – come on.
we f*ck prost*tutes – tie ’em to the bed
throw ’em in the l*sso – givin’ me backstage hed
picture me in isreal sandles – gucci open-toe
book of life – two on camay – no h2o
bandit – i’m like moses – split the sea
y’all split jeans – my last tape was the illy poster
move crowds like the march of dimes – f*ck this rhyme.

*musical breakdown*

“up next.”

[ghostface killah]
walter in dr. jay’s – rock the jay’s
spot n*gg*z with k’s – son they feelin’ your ways
it’s like mayonaisse – old people love you – corns on their feet
fifteen, twenty deep – you walked in, cross street
walk under red light – sound went through crown heights
even had ’em on bikes – they was startin’ fights
new years had ’em all drunk – lazy eye milton
found a b*mp – tried to buck and
scotty sn*tched janet’s wig off that night
sh*t got hectic – barber jim f*ckin’ old man chef
but god sh*t’s real as a f*ck
throw a buck on chuckle-up – thunderbird in cuffs
skeeter with no teeth – night train lips
beefin’ with police – grade-a inch knees
duke blew a bag with him – he got b*tt-naked in the ‘villes
plus he f*cked a whitey in the hill.
throw a buck on chuckle-up – thunderbird in cuffs

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