methodology lyrics – crisis

has the light become part of the machinery? has the hand become part of the
disease? has the body become the unwilling vessel? hahahaha how simple to peel
away the skin and cut away the flesh. to discard and dispose or preserve of
brain, vertricle, heart, be left with bones… st*tching the pieces of
appendage of directed sight and speech. dictating placement of footsteps and
embrace. serve my destiny serve my prophecy serve my future serve my future the
master man maker; twitching the thread of a thigh bone, twisting the st*tch of a
wrist moving toward its destiny… serve my destiny/prophecy/ future(2x) beading
the twinkle of an eye to shine on only one truth. casting a lock of hair meant
to strangle the last bit of hope. you are the master you are the doll maker you
are the slave creator string them up to teach them your language you are the
master you are the slave creator hahaha an individual with choices to make you
are not. you merely play into my hands, the web i weave. i twist you in like a
fly. and you no longer think. and you no longer feel. and this is the dance you
do. and this is the dance you do. building the confines of trust and obedience,
housing the weakness of winged spirits and capture the mystery of otherness. you
are the man maker you are the will breaker you are the life taker cage them up
to keep them from falling out of line puppet strings begin to twist. a master you know who i am? serve my destiny. serve my prophecy. serve my
future. this garden breeds the yellow pestilence of wicked fingers at work among
the living. branches are broken for posture and structure of spineless cloth
sacks of arms and legs and face and neck of the master’s creation.

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