messiah of the double cross lyrics – krisiun

enraged by a drawnin’ apocalypse
transgressed to a life of shadows
i search for your downfall
nations guided to a d*mned fate
follower of the rotten cross
twisted by preachers of the inferior world
faith for nothing just life for sh*t

h*ll’s lord awaits me
sanctified by vengeance
in no idols shall i believe
my victory stands over the power
like the immortal fire in h*ll
deadly as the serpent’s strike

messiah of the double cross
you will be drawn
in an empty dismal hall
pagan souls will hunt you
’till eternity you shall beg
for a lost of salvation

i followed the black spell
among the living and dead
throughtout the centuries
i never forsaked the faith
granted with immortality
on the victorious fate i ride

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