mercy lyrics – ray boltz

you spoke the word
and lit the day
with loving hands
you formed the clay
and made the ones
who would betray
your mercy
on a mountain side
they heard you speak
saying, blessed are the poor
and meek
and on your knees
you washed their feet
oh, mercy
your mercy shines like the morning
when the darkness runs
from the day
like the rising sun
oh, your glory
chases the shadows away
and we are changed
by mercy
to bear the nails to save a friend
is a thought i cannot comprehend
but to die for those
who drove them in
that’s your mercy
and though heaven
truly has in store
an eternity of great rewards
the only thing i’m praying for
is your mercy
let your mercy fill my heart
1992 word music (a div. of word, inc.), shepherd boy music (adm. by word, inc.) and devaub musicbmg (adm. by bmg songs, inc. gospel div.)ascap. international copyright secured. all rights reserved. used by permission.

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