mephisto’s will lyrics – wretched

all of the elements are filled with black
consuming my body
my preceding visions fade to white
and that’s when i hear shrieks

i smell fire engulfing all of those slain before me
with their souls slashed apart
the weaker discarded, towering above
i feel their feet brush my hair

virgins grinning slightly as they crawl
across the molten fields dripping with sweat
bringing rotting phallus’s near
here to satiate you as you’re hemorrhaging

set forth almighty futures
release your almighty sin
the falling of the sky barely
tells the end is near

mephisto murmurs in my ear
“light has fallen my child
a new day is dawning, as i’m ever
sp*wning serpents that slip down my legs”

barely brought back to life
visuals of the supreme dimly lit
in bearing my *ss*ssin, as i fall into truth
frustration sets in while
i’m forced into this escalation

i’m slipping away into a distant reality
where my sights stretch higher than the clouds of god
disgusted by this constant trepidation
i kneel upon these golden steps to heave

christ calls “behold, my crown is dawn”
while the angels flock the skies that burn

how unexpectedly
swaggering in my invincibility
laid on the fall of this retribution
in the deficient city, i stand hard

emerging from those luscious pearly gates
saint peter begins to cackle
“inside you’re nothing”

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