memphis bound lyrics – dave lewis band

sun don’t shine since you went away
where did you go and where did you stay
i’m packin my bags and i’m lockin the door
jumped in my car and pushed the gas to the floor
two left turns and i’m on my way
drivin all night and sleepin all day
pull into town about two in the morn
came back here to the town i was born
guess you couldn’t take any more of my games
you hate me, but its you that i blame
thought you got me, when you left town
but i’ll see you baby cause i’m memphis bound
you took my heart, but thats ok
cause i’ll be back some other day
i’m startin again whats that drink in my hand
i don’t know why and i don’t understand
did i come here to live did i come here to die
won’t let it get away i came here to try
i’m startin again new gal at my side
grabbed on with both hands and hold on for the ride
left me empty handed not a cent to my name
but i roll with the punches now i’m back in the game
i was doin fine and makin my way
workin my job and earnin my pay
no one blamed you for what i been told
i changed my own way when i opened the door
she was gone not a trace to be found
only a note sittin there on the ground
it said good-bye and i’ll see you someday
i know shes gone shes gone to stay

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