memories of a metal lyrics – hellish war

in a time when the battle, were fought sword by sword
only metal power were real, thus was the law
at this epoch roamed without destiny
a brave warrior fighting silent
at the sound of his sacred sword
cutting the enemies steel
destroy, impose, the power of the sky
pre chorus: just one who possesses
the spectre of liberty, could combat
the strengh from h*ll
chorus: on his horse he comes to face
the invaders from evil lands
beneath the thunder battle begins
with bravery metal rage
oh! hermman that was how they called him
a warrior that came from skies
with traced fate against the evil
he comes without fearing the death
fight, fight, fight, fight
screaming hide
after battle goes with his honor
living us the the sacred union
between everyone that left in peace
oh! warrior wait for us

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