melissa lyrics – blind radio

i left a negative impression
on the source of my depression
she wont bother me when we’re apart

she’s as soft as cotton
i’ve already forgotten
about the sunburns on my heart

as vicious as she can be
she never did get to me
even tho she’ll never admit it

a walking lie detector
i swore i’d protect her
i hate my life and everyone in it

i love the way that you hate me

after the sh*t she put me through
everything i will ever do
i’ll feel like i’m seven feet tall

my motives i can’t defend
i dont need her as a friend
in fact i dont need her at all

she’s as evil as 10 witches
take all her poison wishes
and put them behind today

she never wonders why i hate
excitedly i can’t wait
to say f*ck you and turn away

i love the way that you hate me

i love the way that you hate me

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