me killa lyrics – bone thugs n harmony

domm, doom, doom, doom, doom


[all bone]
me killa, mi killa
drug dealer, scandalous n*gg*
lous n*gg*, -lous n*gg*
come again me say, me killa, me killa, me killa
gravedigger, scandalous n*gg*
lous n*gg*, -lous n*gg*, -lous n*gg*.
caught ya slippin’ so i had to put a slug up in your chest
should’ve wore that vest
talkin’ sh*t’ll only get that *ss put to rest
a n*gg*, come, come flex
hey, get the llello, don’t f*ck with the bone
when i’m hangin’ and bangin’ and slangin’
sw*ngin’ blows to the dome
n*gg*, watch that chrome
bodybag that *ss on, home
me killa, me killa, me killa

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