massmedia control lyrics – melancholy pessimism

listen! so listen to the news!
a next affair is here.
we have hot news, so true facts
about politicians and their parties.
with the covert support of reign and
does m*ssmedia really work for the
they twist slickly the truth and
they control the m*sses and quietly
manipulate the voters.

the m*ssmedia control
the m*ssmedia lies

one statesman attended a bizarre s*x club.
a second senator smoked pot
20 years ago, but he didn’t know that
it was gr*ss?

vote, vote, vote!
vote for the sh*t, vote for the liars,
only they are the best.

we are an independent journal,
we are the true tv, we are here for you.
we also have the pictures from a holiday
where also the president have been together
with a prost*tute. they work for political
parties and they accept millions from them
for guaranteed news and lies.

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