mary anne lyrics – gwar

you don’t ever call me on the phone to say, “h*llo”
and if i call you only say, “goodbye”
watching tv, how re-runs make me cry

are you thinking of me like i’m thinking of you?
are you all alone? if not, with who?
if you still had legs would you be walking out on me?
if i unlocked the chains would you stay?

my love is like your stench, it grows stronger everyday
will they ever stop talking about you and me?
will they leave us alone and watch tv?

mary anne
cross my heart and hope to die
stick a needle in my eye, mary anne

they say the world is ending
yeah, tomorrow is doomsday
that don’t really matter to us, baby
our love has been so perfect since the day you p*ssed away

your heart is cold when it’s in my hand
is it wrong to love you, mary anne?

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