marilene’s lustful whims lyrics – ecnephias

your father’s turbid deceit
indelibly stains your wicked conscience
your love of the idols
condemned your age to a fierce loneliness
the sins of your liberteen-age
have made you a syphilitic wench
you cannot deny your essence
and bargain it for any idea of heaven

so sweet wh*r* just kneel
kiss your monsignor
and reckon your l*stful whims
as of fate a sinister gift

i beg you marilene
give up your prayers
i’ll save you and return you
back to perdition
i beg you marilene
give up your tears
i’ll save you from remorse
i’ll bring you to pleasure

praecínge me, dómine, cingulo puritátis,
et extíngue in lumbis meis humórem libídinis;
ut máneat in me virtus continéntiae et cast*tátis.

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