march of death lyrics – fester

destined to die as we march
the march of death
bare feets on hard ground, and with open wounds..
every step is like a million
march of death

no clothes, only rags, the wind is cold as ice
through my body and soul
the march of death
thoughts are put aside, it’s unbearable
i live ’cause i’m a warrior at soul!

whipped, beaten and bruised
the march of death
in the horizon : the final resting place
dragged by dark men, as slaves,
in this foreign world

with hollow eyes i witness my men
through this march of death
where are my brave ones ?
my soldiers?
my men at war?
where are your heart !?!
they got lost in this march of death

i’ll rather die!!!
than bow at their feets
i’ll rather die!!!
than slave their world
i take this stone and chrush my skull
may all my fellow men do the same

they couldn’t kill my spirit, nor my early life
i’ll see you on vallhalla my men!!
’cause we lost our lives fighting the march of death
be brave! dont feel sorrow, dont feel pain
be a warrior at soul.. …

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