majesty lyrics – gamma ray

[music by: hansen / lyrics by: hansen]

when the snow is on the mountains
and the valleys freeze again
bl**dy hors*m*n come riding
they storm with the wind

yearning spirits in the sunlight
shining armours blind the lamb
bl**dy hors*m*n come roaring
roar for the end

what happened to our screams and curses?
what happened to our lines and verses?

[chorus 1]
all falls down when h*ll comes crawling
blood will flow when satan`s calling
oh… dark majesty

in the end there`s no tommorow
bl**dy hors*m*n ride again
breathing terror in the sunlight
blood flows again

i`m sorry for the screams and curses…
what happened to our mindless world?

[chorus 2]
when all falls down when satan`s calling
blood will flow when h*ll is crawling
majesty… oh majesty
majesty… dark majesty

the devil has found an amazing playground
and he will enjoy playing games
nothing is sacred, nothing is holy
run to the exit again… if you can

when all this comes, it`s not fair
blood disciples anywhere… oh yeah!

still i dream of a tommorow
when the world is free again
in the end the tyrant`s falling
love wins again!

the world is just a crazy circus
i can`t accept we`re always cursed

[chorus 3]
when all falls down when h*ll comes crawling
blood will flow when satan’s calling
oh… majesty

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