m.h.’s jokes lyrics – fall

m.h.’s jokes

[mes is the one swearing a lot]
anyway, this guy goes “f*ckin ‘ell, you don’ ‘alf complain for an eleven year old do you?”
-that machine is nice
-f*ck off it took me ages to get that, yeah
-i want that machine
-yeah what yeah right,
-clean joke
-if i tell a good clean joke, can i have that?
-no you f*ckin can’t
-i want it, honest
-you can’t have it
-there’s no vus coming up there at all. is it supposed to have vus on it?
-no, it’s not. ‘s f*ckin’ my machine, that. keep your hands off it.
-it’s your machine. it’s a vu-less machine. sure it’s recording, mark? better turn the volume up. ok, what d’you call a guy with a spade in his head? doug.
-jesus, that’s pathetic.
-what d’you call a guy who’s been dead and buried for 30, 000 years? pete. (nervous laugh) come on, then, astound me with your wit, mark.
-come on, rewind it, let’s see what you had to say.
-erm, we’ve been through this before, haven’t we?
-right i’ll do it for the tape like all them other bands do, like we’ve done it once, but the cameras weren’t rolling
-nah, i’m thinking of my joke actually.
-so i’m reading frank zappa, right, it’s an au- it’s a biography by frank zappa
-right [mes totally disinterested]
-and – errrr – it’s 1988, i go tup to 1988 and the book is about how many things he released, when he released it
-how many offshoots and all this sh*t, and all of a sudden i’m realising, errr
-more interested when you were talking about napoleon actually

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