lover’s prayer lyrics – joe

for love
for life and eternity
this is my prayer

i pray that our love
is more than enough
to weather the storm
i pray that you’re strong
the nights that i’m gone
and you’re home alone
i pray you’ll forgive
whateva i did
that brought you the tears
i pray here right now
as i make this vow
we last through the years

lover’s prayer
when i get down on my knees at night
lover’s prayer
i pray god we gonna be alright
lover’s prayer
with my head down and my hands up high
how i hope he will answer my
lover’s prayer

i pray that the sun
continues to shine
with all that you do
no matter the bad
no matter how low
you’ll make it through
i pray that i’m there
whateve you want whateva you need
i pray that your heart
carries apart, apart of me

i pray that your smile would
light up my life won’t ever fade
i pray that the trials we share between
us won’t ever break
i pray that you hold all of
your dreams you will exceed
my final prayer you’ll take this ring
and you will bear my seed

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