love rev lyrics – israel houghton

people dream of simple things
like worry free water
while some of us
complaint and fuss
about things like internet connections

a mother pleads her baby screams
this hiv’s relentless
but my new web page is all the rage

lol omg like we should totally be friends
what if we could see what they see
hear what they hear
feel what they feel

god is with us
when we are with them
when we are with them
god is with us
god is for us if we are for them
if we are for them
god is for us
so be an answer a solution
join the love revolution
c’mon c’mon c’mon

the sun beats down on cracking ground
no food around for miles
but i’m so upset i’m a little stressed
cuz my pizza delivery is running late
and they said it was gonna be here within 30 minutes or less
i’m just sayin’ it better be free i’m just sayin’

a troubled night no end in sight
mosquito bites are deadly
but i have a cold stuffy nose
and my medicine just hasn’t kicked in yet

what if i and the me
turned into they and the we
together we could be
the change that we all want to see
alright it’s a love it’s a love
it’s a love revolution

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