love is the hero lyrics – billy squier

there is a course in life
so all the teachers say
it calls you day and night
it takes your thoughts away
under a frozen light
you face a long crusade
where there’s a cause you fight
where there’s a cost you pay

find an empty heart
you feel the p*ssion play
it’s when reactions start
that you can’t look away
there is no wrong or right
there’s just your point of view
but when you face the light
then it will come to you

love is the hero
soldier forever
life below zero
never say never

there is no sacrifice
there is no dead-end street
there is no sound advice
only the watch you keep
with every step you take
through every room of fear
with every move you make
the song will pull you near

turn you world around
and it will come your way
through your cold-chill nights
and in your hard-earned days
when you face the light
it may be hard to do
but when it’s all too right
then it will come to you

love is the hero
soldier forever
love is the hero
you live to remember

no path is too steep
no distance too wide
no question too deep
no force can divide
you fortune you seek
the road will unwind
you’re comin’ to me
to search is to find

and when you start to fall
into that frozen sp*ce
and when you reach the wall
and there’s no sunny place
and when it all comes down
you make it anyhow

love is the hero

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