lost lyrics – edge of sanity

music & lyrics by swano
arranged by swano, axelsson, larsson
additional guitars by swano

i have seen eternity
i am the king of time
i am off the edge of sanity
my living ain’t no crime
a soldier of existence
chosen to be
protector of the earth
i’ll last eternally
i awake into another sphere
reborn into the neverwhere
all alone in this sp*ce
there’s no love nor disgrace
my body aches, i tremble with fear
the sky, the last i saw is no longer clear
water and ice cover the ground
i can face reality, the world has drowned
i try to move but i am caged in ice
floating bodies looking for their paradise
but the truth is no longer fantasy
in this world i am the only man to be.

i am lost, i was never created
i am lost, life is devastated

we melt away and i feel the mud
that once was land for all
the sea of ice that used to be
the home of humanity
my soul is frozen, longing for fire
i barely believe i see this sight
all i can face is eternal night.
the sun awakes and shine on all the remains
the ice that encaged my body now flows in strains
soon i can move, and walk away
what the future brings, who can say?

eternal eyes, i can see the sky.
my lonely cries, i want my soul to die.
i am all alone, the world will now reform.
i’m born again, once cold sun now keeps me warm.

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