lost and found lyrics – daily planet

words and music by jesse b*tterworth

i see you everywhere
love through your creation
i watch it all play out
creative presentation
and it renews my mind

i see a bird in flight
a baby and its mother
i see a homeless man
a baby born to suffer
and it renews my mind

mysterious ways i can’t make out
but i can honestly say without a doubt
i’m lost and found in you

i see the paradox
with wheat, the tares included
you can’t pull out the tares
the wheat will be uprooted
and it renews my mind

repeat chorus

i can’t take a master shot
of what the future’s got
but know it’s in your hands
i know you’re kind and true
all these things are true of you
and it renews, it renews my mind

repeat chorus

i see a crown of th*rns
and hands with nails right through them
i see his outstretched arms
beckoning all to him
and it renews my mind

‘ 2002 brentwood ‘ benson music publishing

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