looking to america lyrics – krokus

it’s a global village in a high-tech age
communication barriers slowly fading away
can’t complain cause we’ve reached the stars

but do you really ever want to live on mars?
can’t imagine that all you groovy people
would want to leave this world behind

too many puzzles here to solve
human beings fight to evolve
a simple answer within reach
it’s in your heart, don’t make me preach ‘cos

everyone is looking to america
where the birds of freedom
spread their wings up high
everyone is looking to america
reachin’ out to heaven for a sign

you know the whole wide world
is going through a big change
for better or for worse?
the question still remains

unemployment shooting high
immigration on the rise
cities overflowing with people
lookin’ at a dead end!

politicians’ hands are full
it never was too easy to rule
long term solutions need more time
thank god i know what to do with mine ‘cos

gimme a sign

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