looking through the eye of a pig lyrics – cypress hill

i wake up every morning, kiss my wife goodbye
hug my kids, tell ’em i love ’em, i’m out, hit the ride
i’m out on patrol, in my squad car, do i lay
where you never know, if you’ll be makin it home today
so many different att*tudes, that i come across
i’m hardened and scarred tonight, feeling n*body’s loss
hookers hustlers killers and thieves, out on the streets
got my mind warped, just found another corpse on the beat
bound gagged raped, i’m frustrated, i hate it
found a woman in the dumpster, body was mutilated
bad dreams all up in my head, no lie
sometimes i gotta take a sniff so i can get by, why
don’t i get hurt, cause there go my nerves, i got the urge
to merge this bullet in my brain, relieve my pain
what a f*ckin shame, i don’t wanna live, or paint the wall
with the bloodstains, eye of the pig, i see it all

the eye of the pig

* dj muggs cuts and scratches ‘this pig’ from _pigs_ *

i’ve been on the force, over twenty years, i can say
that i’m worse, than some of these motherf*ckers i put away
i’m in the biggest gang you ever saw, above the law
lookin through the eye of the pig, i see it all
drug abusers, drug dealers and the gang-bangin
pieces of sh*t who should be on the f*ckin noose hangin
these days you can’t tell who’s-who in the world
is that a wh*r*, or is that, an innocent young girl?
f*ck, i need a drink, and i’m almost off
at the precinct, it’s like an aa meeting all gone wrong
i.a. got an eye, on my close friend guy
for takin a supply from evidence from a bust on a buy
that doesn’t concern me, we never rat on each other
we went through the academy, just like frat brothers
midnight, i only have an hour left on my shift
think i’ll get my d*ck sucked by this b*sshead b*tch
my marriage is all f*cked, my wife is with the neighbors
subpeonaed, now i gotta sign these f*ckin divorce papers
i recall, happier times, before the fall
lookin through the eye of the pig, i see it all

{… long interlude …}

now i’m on my way, back to the station to check out
so i can go home, relax, take a drink and think about
my abrupt change, out of the clean, to the corrupt
lookin through the eye of the pig, i’m all f*cked
no longer can i determine, who’s the criminal
from the innocent man down, to the pedophile
no one gives a f*ck about me, i’m slippin
into darkness, i’m comin to grips and feelin heartless
what’s this? a dark green truck, tinted windows
duly modified, probably a dope dealer inside
“pull it over to the curb, take your keys out of the ignition…”
. and raise your hands out the window and get em in high position
don’t move, or i’m gonna blast your f*ckin head off
just tell me where the guns and dope are and you’ll get off
don’t give me that bullsh*t, i’ve heard about your raps
all you talkin about is slangin and shootin off the scr*ps
ok, mr. freeload, get the f*ck out of the truck
i love it how all you f*ckin rappers think it’s so funny
hit the f*ckin floor, i need no probable cause
you got a big sack of c*ke in your truck (what?) so take a pause
you find it funny? get that smile off your face
motherf*cker take this

{*beatdown ensues as words fade*}

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