look for something more lyrics – brother cane

it’s good to be so high
it’s good to be here on the moon
i’ve seen it all collide every time
i look for something more

but nothing seems to please my eyes
and when i’m on the floor
i feel great, i feel fine
what the h*ll, come inside

i can feel the mist it’s falling
falling down upon my face
i can hear an angel calling
calling me to grace

eat the seed and drink the water
let it grow inside my mind
i believe i can find a heaven anytime
i want everything
and anything that it might bring

so i let you in
never mind the way i’m livin’
i’m running into empty sp*ce
in a time where nothing’s giving

exit to a better place
is it real or just obsession
i’m higher than the sky
i look for something more

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