lonely in your arms lyrics – postman syndrome

“pick and peel. buy a drill; chip away. scream. push…
weak yet? scared? locked outside? will you cry? will
you wait, open arms for your angel?” i tug and pull and
build an empty nest for kindred souls. you cut me up
into small pieces, not to swallow whole. is there even
a hole at all? i’m cut waiting…are you scared to look
inside? can’t fit through the needle’s eye? am i
grotesque when spread wide? some doors will never be
pried. or is it not me you fear? your naked soul plugs
its ears. walled in for so many years (fraud, lies),
voices would bring down (fools, lost in) the sky. so
why go on? forever handicapped, and still we’re told
there are some bonds that can’t be broke. fraud, lies
by terrified escapists.gl*ss can shield the rain. with
my head on the wheel it’s my puddles i feel. i’m parked
at the gate. i’m used to the wait; the alb*m’s long
ended. i can’t see the sky: precipitation splashes on
gl*ss, all i see. guide me through this night. your
lonely welcome, gleaming, green glowing self shines me
inside.wishing that the lights will change so i can
drive by. waiting for the signs to rearrange, or must i
revise my style? standing on the only side to open your
color scheme. basking in a color fortified begs to
become the green.so many things just don’t come to
mind, perfectly placed but still out of line. you go
your own way and expect the world to wait. we’ll meet
again ahead in the burning heat of red. collide,
collision. inside, incision. if words can heal the
divide you’re speechless in your ride. your lips will
wait tonight for me to run this red light.you lie
sweetly on my chest. bond us tight to rest. my ribs
shield you from my heart. eyes close and we part.

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