lollipop lyrics – lola monroe


he said he never had p*ssy like a’s
grip so hard i put his *ss in a daze
get so wet make that n*gg* wanna blaze
come and play with this p*ssy while you hittin’ that j

a stay on her pimpin’ game working for dough
spending you would think he had a habbit for blow
i’m talkin’ bold harbor? shopping sprees plus stacks of dough
(he beg) so i put it down now get the rest of that dough

we for gangstas i can’t lie love the way they go hard
i let them f*ck me with the heat i know i caught ’em off guard
can’t f*ck with a snitch like they got the f*ckin’ clapper
he’s so g now i wanna f*ck the trapper

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