locust horde lyrics – one more victim

entrapped civilizations have been teaching us through
that there the ones who can create the world from the
but there are also the ones who can plunge it into the
abyss of chaos
take it away bit by bit, just to please themselves
and meanwhile to avoid punishment
dissolving in the crowd of heretics alike to them
taking advantage of naivety of the weak
they don’t give a d*mn what to take from them
it’s impossible to pay off with spiritual riches
only material values can kindle their p*ssion
having power over the mentally weak
their false prophets corrupt the minds of those who
but their faith is just self-deception
another way of m*ss control
there are invisible threads in the sky
blind puppets obey them in unison
one cannot allow to lose one’s will
to shut one’s eyes to public lawlessness
each of us should live with our own truth in the heart
in spite of hollow doctrines of holy hypocrites.

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