living on the threat of one finger lyrics – krabathor

it’s the threat of one finger
holding onto your lives
in the dark it’s a stranger
branishing a sharp knife
in the past it was hitler
presently it is saddam

just one soul with the power
it’s a cause to be alarmed
patiently they avoid us
teaching us sick and twisted views
secretly in the shadows
implementing distorted views

it’s the threat of one finger
weighing in the balance
miscontrolling their anger
in modern day no alliance
annihilate the aggressor
to avoid years of pain
the physical and mental torture
from minutes to hours

in troubled minds so evasive
publicly they appear so strong
privately sympathetic
the decision could impact everyone

it’s the threat of one finger
can we rely on insanity
acting on suppressed anger
destroying all humanity
illiminate the conclusion
reiterate the diversion
always there’s a solution
constantly we’re disillusioned

your close to be blind
your losing your mind
your close to be wrong
your close to the fight

when everyone will like the wars,
when everyone will like to die
when everyone will like the bones,
it will be one and forever

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