livin’ lyrics – kanye west

yo, this sound like some movie sh*t right?
get ya popcorn, get ya condiments, you dont wanna miss nothin, ok listen

they call me +edward scissorhands+ cuz i’m tryin to cut
she claim she got cramps, im gone get you to suck
and you not gon use ya teeth ya hear?
you gon find out +what lies beneath+ right here
+the preachers wife+ dont give head? get a divorce man
the kids been callin you the headless horseman
like +sleepy hollow+ see she swallow
suck like ol girl got booed at +apollo
+13 ghost+ use my +hollow mans+ for +friday 13th+
you be +ghost+, +backdraft+ from the toast
n*gg*z who drop names is, oh so shameless
get a chain thats stainless, they +almost famous+
my bling got em callin me, +lord of the rings+
+the shining+ make it hard for her to +do the right thing+
but i +dont say word+, i’ll never tell
until you get a kanye beat, you’ll never sell

i’m livin a movie, not livin by rules
it’s just a movie, dont lose ya cool
1, 2 ye comin for you, 3, 4 better lock your door
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 never sleep again

sh*ts deeper, than +the sleepers+
+jeeper creep-up+ on your block and cops +clock-us+
try to +baller block-us+, use +absolute power+
you gave him +9 1/2 weeks+, why you tryin to +rush hours+ huh?
and in +the cell+ dont drop soap in the showers huh
they try to give me +life+, i’m out in a hour huh
back on the block wit more +juice+ than pac
makin +mo’ money+ cuz of +the, the, the, the roc+


i said some sh*t like, umm, you in my things like +suicide kings+
there’s only +three kings+, +me, myself and irene+, you know what im sayin

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