lilly do you want to know a secret re-written lyrics – hannah montana

lilly: i don’t get it first you tell me you’ll go to the concert with me so why can’t you go now?
miley: it’s just that i erm…. got to feed the fish right daddy?
robby ray: if you say so miles.
lilly: wait a minute i know what’s going on!
miley: you do?
lilly: yes your going to see with maroon five with your dad again and didn’t invite me again aren’t you? and you lied to me?

miley: ok ya’ll caught me i give up it’s just that jackson paid me $20 to do his homework while he goes out with melissa!
robby ray: i knew that boy was up to something the moment he said “i just hope i can raise my kids like you do.”
miley: ok? so back to the whole concert thing…
lilly: wait who’s melissa?
miley: jackson’s girlfriend anyway the real reason i can’t go is (engine revving over miley speaking) is that i’m hannah montana!
lilly: oh right super i really needed too know that!
miley: so your not mad
lilly: why would i be mad?
miley: because i didn’t tell you
lilly: oh yea it’s a real friendship ender if you don’t tell me that your dad’s got orange underwear!
miley: no i said that the reason i can’t go to the concert with you is because i am hannah montana!
(lilly’s mouth drops)
miley: uhh you’re drooling.
lilly and miley: uhhh gross
(amber and ashley walk in)
amber and ashley: hi miley, lilly i bet you’re so excited about the fundraising project…
miley 🙁 whispering) what are they up to?
amber: to bad were going to beat you…
amber and ashley: again ohhhh tssss
(oliver and jake walk in)
oliver: hi guys
jake: hi miley, do you want to be my partner and the fundraising project?
miley: sure what we doing?
jake: well…all the other places have been taken so we have to work at the farm!
miley: wait whose lilly going to be partners with?
oliver: hi lill-ay
lilly: fine but you’re going to pay for doing this to me.
(on the farm)
miley: eww this is gross!
jake: well it’s better than amber and ashley job
miley: do you ever stop talking about those girls? anyway why do you talk about them anyway?
jake: well since you have been out of town so long i thought that you really left so that meant we…
miley: and girlfriend? and amber is your girlfriend?
jake: look i am so sorry i didn’t tell you! are you mad?
miley: no i am not mad!
jake: were…
(miley lifts up a pile of cow poo and dumps it on jake’s head)
jake: cool
miley: how could you i didn’t know you were such a…
jake: noob
miley: yeah!
(to be continued)

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