life lyrics – young roddie

[verse 1]
what you know about short days and them long nights, boy?
tryna get your bread up
but my homie caught him a life sentence, d*mn…
hope he keep his head up
and i made it this far simple ’cause, why?
i stay prayed up
and i’m clearly past my limit
tryna maintain my image
gotta push start for my engine
i kick, push then go get it
for all my dead peers i pour henny
to the single mothers, get money
boy, my ribs touchin’ and i’m hungry
lol but ain’t sh*t funny
i’m sp*ced out, i’m blunted
will i make it out, should i wonder?
all them crabs up in that bucket
trying their best to pull the kid under
i don’t think so
that fake sh*t’ll make me go loco
unroll, why not? just slow coast
i’m too deep, man, my four-four
and her *ss fat, but i can handle that
her hair down when she throw her back

[verse 2]
the game funny so i don’t play
big money, n*gg*, heavyweights
successfully every level, so i graduate
with high honour, marijuana, i’mma levitate
present that sideways slang, i’mma set you straight
should’ve never came in this game if you couldn’t accelerate
you’ve been ran over, flatlined, pancaked
you’d do better stepping off than ever standing in my way

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