life lyrics – ana johnsson

made of love
made of sin
mayday – calling form outer sp*ce
i dive in

here i am
breathing, i`ma miracle
i`m on fire – i`m cold
i can`t be controlled
i`m alive and i`m dead
and i`m ready for the take off

life! life!
shocking irresistible
life! life!
crazy unpredictable
you go hu hu hu
if you want some action
shocking irresistible

got no fear
i feel no pain
only blood rushing on its way
through my veins

here i am
breathing, i`m invincible
i am great but i`m small
i`ma brick in a wall
i`m alive and i`m dead
and i`m ready to take off

big bang beating a distant drum
hear the echoes fill the night
big bang making the walls come down
for the children of the light

i dive right in…

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