lies of the prevaricator lyrics – he the deceiver

from the depths they’ve risen
i have reprimanded and conquered
the liar in the sky who holds your fate
this world will end in abolishment of mankind;
admonish those who fear death
for all the empty souls
that i have condemned will walk the earth
for every murder that hath been committed
the number of dead is increasing
oh the h*ll that is yet to unfold
with ever right and ember to burn the future of what
lies ahead
the bodies shall awaken again
risen from the dead to recreate an epitomy of this
failsafe world that has
this rotten deceiver of mankind will burn in his book
of lies
lies shall condemn all of the demons you’ve sent to
the death and greed will surely swallow us all
for would you have given your ear; this all could have
been foretold
in your hopeless memory of what has been destroyed
will stand a monument of grief and your suffering
you’ve fallen product to the structure
inside the many of his lies i have explained
so while you’re basking in your worthlessness
get on your knees and close your f*cking hands
you’ll all rot dead in your graves

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