lies lyrics – dead world

[rapid automatic gunfire]

[sheek louch:]
stop frontin, aiyyo

[chorus x2: sheek louch]
lies, rumors, rumors, lies
bricks, bundles, birds, pies
murders, bentleys, mansions, chill
n*gg*z’ll f*ck with you still

[sheek louch:]
aiyyo f*ck it n*gg* buck it n*gg* what’chu waitin for?
him to get into his car and c*ck back the four?
nah n*gg*, i ain’t tryin to be up on the 4th floor
of any hospital, lay him down before even score
man up n*gg*, get out and stand up n*gg*
that’s too small? take this one it’s a lil’ bit bigger
matter of fact c’mon, let’s go in the store and get a beer
when we walk past each other, turn and pop him in his ear
what’chu shakin for killer? ain’t yo’ *ss a guerilla?
i can’t hear you, screw this fool, let’s get us a chinchilla
there he go, see that n*gg* leanin on the sign?
i’ma ask him for a light, you go and snuff him from behind
lay him down, take his coat, put it in his spine
leave him dead so he can’t identify the line
ready n*gg*? what’chu mean chill?
you told me it was real where you from, and you get down with the steel
and you ain’t got a problem doin no time in jail
right? c’mon let’s keep goin
i heard this soft n*gg* had a spot, he keep mucho dough in
so much c*ke all around, you might think it’s snowin
but we gotta move fast, cause this kid’ll blast
and put somethin kinda heavy in yo’ mask
keep sh*t tight, motherf*cker is you ready to fight?
what’chu mean, let you out at the light?
oh sh*t


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