levitate lyrics – i mother earth

feel heavy
once felt it hard

question an answer
for a thousand days
give birth to the earth
then let it drift away

open and flow
just swinging forever
making love to the ground
because it just feels better

it ain’t easy
drink it in
think a while, spit

there’s both shining and darkness
yet they share a day
was there a man on a cross
or was it just a fake?

even in shame
you can’t hide your growth
though the b*tterfly flies
he’s sinking like a stone

the killing sun
it hurts my eyes and comes hard
onto my skin
and as i find shade

from tree to tree, i live to learn
to dig down deep
i feel the pain
and love the hurt, i don’t complain

trancing in the gr*ss
suck it off the world
when you’re full of [unverified] shrug
feel fortunate

then go where levitation lives
where aggravation grows
where sleeping’s too hard
on the thinking bone

intensity is what i need
to suffer for the pleasure
it’s heat, hard, life and death
living all together

in a small room
full of me and my friends
trying to find the means
to justify the end

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