let’s ride lyrics – game

[verse 1]
pull the rag off the 6-4
hit the switch, show n*gg*z how the sh*t go
the game is back, the aftermath chain is gone
the beef is chrome, the frame is black
(so watch it lift up), till the motherf*cker bounce and break
and knock both of the screws out the licence plate
let the games begin, these other rap n*gg*z so far behind me
n*gg* taste my rims, let the chronic burn as the daten spin
it ain’t been this much drama since i first heard eminem
in the club, poppin’ x pills like m&ms
call it dre day, we celebratin’, b*tch bring a friend
bottles on me, tell the waiter to order another round
and put that cheap-*ss hypnotic down
(put your chris up), if you feel the same way
who got a mill switches, everybody lets ride
the after got the whole world in the club
hop in the low-rider, as long as it got b*tches in the back
i turn into a strip-club
call it a lap-dance, when the 6-4 bounce that *ss
the after get the whole world in the club
tell the dj to bang my sh*t, the west-coast in this b*tch
pop bottles and twist up
roll up chronic and hash, in a blunt called aftermath
[verse 2]
somebody tell me where the drinks at, where the b*tches at
you f*cking on the first night, meet me in the back
i got a pound of chronic, and a gang of freaks
move b*tch! who the f*ck you think they came to see?
the protege of the d.r.e
take a picture with him, and you gotta f*ck me
and you gotta f*ck busta, can’t touch eve
got something on my waist and you can’t touch eve
that’s my gangsta b*tch, and like crips and bloods
i’m in the club on some gangsta sh*t
(so n*gg* twist up), light another dub
b*tches get scared when n*gg*z start fighting in the club
ain’t nothing but a g-thang, baby it’s a g-thang
bounce like you got hydraulics in your g-string
i f*ck a different b*tch seven days a week
hit the switch, watch it bounce like a scott storch beat
[verse 3]
n*gg*z thought i wasnt coming back, look at me now
hoppin’ out the same cherry six-fo’ with the motherf*cking top down
i’m the game, n*gg*, call your b*tch she ain’t home, she with game, n*gg*
remember that, dre? you p*ssed me the torch
i lit the chronic with it, now the world is my ashtray
ridin’ three-wheel motion ’till the *ss scr*pes
turn sunset into a motherf*cking dragrace
now watch it bounce, hit the switch, let it bounce till the police shut the sh*t down
(when you hit the club), tell ’em you came with me
(we gon’ twist up), in the vip

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