let off a couple lyrics – beatnuts


check it, i can make you dance, make you lay way back
fat styles become a stack when i rip up tracks
kickin’ back, i sit back and puff a phil
the cool is so d*mn chill, freeze mc’s at will
still be comin’ back for motion, can’t be stale
breakin’ sucker n*gg*s off like a press-on nail
i inhale, i exhale, now i’m zoning
freak a fat flow from night ’til the morning
she gonen, cause i f*ckin’ stole that witch
swept you home like a broom, then i roll that witch
switch over to the right hand or back to the left
see, whichever one i use, yo, it still spells def
d-e-f, and i do work with these
so is a chick with my d*ck like i’m hercules
jerk me please, help me let off some of this cream
comin’ down on you in drops just like pieces of a dream
seems like i am a mother, so word to me
burnin’ mother-f*ckin’ rappers in the third degree
servin’ thee, or a so-called superstar
cause no matter who you are, you still catch a bullet scar


click, click, bam! let off a couple
one for the beef, two for the trouble
three for my n*gg*s that are ready to set it
world’s famous… man, forget it

psycho les->

still livin’ foul, yo, ain’t nothing changed
so i’m a hit you with a rhyme-shot at point-blank range
but still hardcore and everything that goes with it
gettin money plus i’m bagging all the ho’s and sh*t
to the critics, tryin to sweat the life i live
i got a fully loaded clip and no love to give
so don’t stress me, cause i aint tryin’ to hear that trash
come test me and i’ma have to bust yo, bust yo, bust yo…

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