leave a tender moment alone lyrics – billy joel

even though i’m in lovesometimes i get so afraidi’ll say something so wrong
just to have something to sayi know the moment isn’t right
to tell the girl a comical lineto keep the conversation light
i guess i’m just frightened out of my mindbut if that’s how i feel
then it’s the best feeling i’ve even knownit’s undeniably real
leave a tender moment aloneyes i know i’m in lovebut just when i ought to relax
i put my foot in my mouthcause i’m just avoiding the facts
if the girl gets too closeif i need some room to escapewhen the moment arose
i’d tell her it’s all a mistakebut that’s not how i feel
no that’s not the woman i’ve knownshe’s undeniably real
so leave a tender moment alonebut it’s not only me
breaking down when the tension gets highjust when i’m in a serious mood
she is suddenly quiet and shyleave a tender momentleave it alone
i know the moment isn’t rightto hold my emotions inside
to change the att*tude tonighti’ve run out of places to hide
and if that’s how i feelthen it’s the best feeling i’ve even known
it’s undeniably realleave a tender moment alone
you got to leave a tender moment aloneleave a tender momentleave it alone
you’ve got to leave a tender momentleave a tender moment alone

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