lay it on back lyrics – kurupt

(feat. dj lethal, fred durst, nate dogg)

yeah, gangsta’s make the world go ’round
i heard that’s true
make things go up and down
i heard that’s true

[verse 1-kurupt]
i been through the full-court pressure stage
the homies gave me a nine
the first time i saw a gauge
the first time i put my feet…
down solid mashin on top of concrete
before all the ways of war
house and car doors felt the rays of war
when life was simple as sh*t
and we didn’t give a f*ck about a b*tch, 1986
it’s all about lic’s, heat in the streets
trucks with the beats
b*tches with biker shorts worn all tight
tryin to get a p*ssy just worn all night
plus you had to be a baller to get the baddest ho’s
back in the days, 6-4 six trays
back in the days, elco’s, s-s’s
the best is where the west is n*gg*z don’t test us

[chorus x4-dj lethal]
just lay it on back (hey)
do you wanna ride?

[verse 2-fred durst & kurupt]

[fred durst]
back in the days where them laces were thick
i was concerned with break dancin and layin some d*ck
for whatever it’s worth, i’m still doin the smurf
and i’m walkin on this earth, like i don’t give a f*ck
and now i’m rollin up in third gear
with 3 dollar bills, 3 more minutes to kill
3 more seconds to snap, 3 more bottles of beer
and corrupt’s my lifestyle, so shut the f*ck up
and back the f*ck up with that buck free style

n*gg* what freestyle, n*gg*

[fred durst]
walkin on a razor blade

comin through i got it made, posted up in the shade
comin through to get paid
sunny california baby

[fred durst]
i got dubbs in my trunk and it’s bound to b*mp
straight smashin, hollerin out what’s up kurupt?

w*ssup, i’m fillin in my right mind, one to the head
and i’m on the smash hollerin out ‘what’s up fred?’

[chorus x4-dj lethal]
just lay it on back (hey)
do you wanna ride?

[verse 3-nate dogg]
i don’t give a f*ck so f*ck what they say
n*gg* won’t you p*ss, say p*ss the bombay
n*gg*z they decide to ride and they ride
n*gg*z they decide to lie and they die
i can bust a fleet of ho’s with my skills
i can make them ho’s bow down pay my bills
can’t think i can make them ho’s convert to my will
wanna bet i’ll turn them ho’s to my scrill’
if you love a b*tch a b*tch can drive you crazy
anything a hooker do it won’t amaze me
you better be up on your game homie ’cause they be
they may talk a lot of sh*t but they can’t fade me
if you hang around with suckaz then you may be…
anotha type of brotha i don’t want with me
when you compensate with bustaz you confuse me
’cause i’m tryin to stay out the penitentiary

[chorus x4-dj lethal]
just lay it on back (hey)
do you wanna ride?

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