last night episode lyrics – big daddy kane

* phone is dialed, rings, and is picked up *

[kane has a conversation with himself]
aiyyo what happened last night, did you forget?
you said that you was pushin through my way with some moet
nahhh, see i was witcha man devon from calloway
he came over with bell and fay and a bottle of alize
the honies wanted to watch me in _posse_
but the picture was sloppy
oh that bootleg copy?
we tried to beep you before we went to the motel
word? d*mn, my battery was on low cell — oh well
we took em to this down low spot
man skip the part about the journey; did you hit the skins or not?
oh no question — when have you ever seen my game go nervous?
was y’all trickin?
nahhhh, not less you’re countin room service, huh
besides player, what’s a couple of bucks?
was it lobster?
f*ck no, cheeseburger deluxe

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