last day of battle pt. ii lyrics – fester

this is the day
the day to kill all fear!

if despair fester our minds,
man will face their last day of battle

machinegun nest to the left
two go flank and two go centre

crawl, and throw the grenades
don’t hesitate!!
or this will be our last day of battle!

embraced by fear
cold sweat
trembling hands
pounding heartbeat
( your gun clicks..
have they seen us ?!? )

in a splitsecond..
you raise your head to see
only to see a machinegun mouth’s pounding fire, and
you’re blasted to the ground!

this is the day!!
this is your last day of battle !!!

hestiation of my fellow men
’caused death to more than one

this is the day
i will see my last day
the day that ends it all
my last day of battle

( i hate them as much as my enemies
cowards and no good men, causing
my last day of battle )

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