ladies’ man lyrics – joni mitchell

well, i’ve heard of heartbreakers
but you take the cake
ladies’ man
you could charm the diamonds
off a rattlesnake
ladies’ man
ladies bring it on over
when you give ’em the glance
they don’t stand a chance
first, you unfold them
then you pigeon-hole ’em
ladies’ man
well it sure takes a lot of
good natured self-control
ladies’ man
when i’m so hot for you and
you’re so cold, so cold
ladies’ man
why do you keep on trying to
make a man of me
couldn’t you just love me–
like you love cocaine
cocaine head games
cross my heart i swear
i’m not trying to trick you
no tricks
ladies’ man
it’s just a straight ahead feeling
i have for you
nothing slick
ladies’ man
i guess you learn to refuse
what you think you can’t handle
you’re acting like a vandal
wrecking the dream
at the first bad scene
ladies’ man
ladies’ man
ladies’ man
ladies’ man
© 1982 crazy crow music, bmi

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