kingdoms lyrics – red descending

long ago, before the cold
we built our roads and weren’t alone
we sung with pride, into the night
by candle-light, we were alive

until the world, started to cry
flowers they shone, into the sky
and life it seemed, so serene
the end of days, was not foreseen

to rise and fall, into the snow
we were so young, but felt so old
we saw the signs, but were so blind
and thought our lives, would never die

to climb so high in sp*ce, but fall so far from grace
we’re the chosen ones!
and build from sand, with narrow minds
we thought this day would never come

broken homes and crumbling walls
watch them collapse and hit the floor
years of neglect and endless wars
took its toll, this broken world

if all the choices made were thrown into the lake
it would turn pitch black!
and though some were wise
mix them with heinous crimes
another kingdom destroyed in vain

i’ve had enough, i’ll close my eyes
take my mind, far from sight
my body’s gone, filled with disease
let me decay with the earth and the trees

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